specific sociological elements

The goal of this assignment is to explain how specific sociological elements are present in an in-depth manner as it pertains to deviance. This is not a film
summary nor a film review.
For the film you have chosen, students will analyze the content for sociological perspectives as it pertains to deviance in an in-depth manner. This paper
should follow standard 5 paragraph essay format. Your introduction must briefly summarize the film and include a detailed thesis. The thesis statement
must clearly identify how that particular film shows evidence of the specific concepts found in the film. An example would be:
“The 1988 film “Stand and Deliver” represents a clear analysis of achieved status, as well as ethnic and economic stigma through the conflict perspective”
For the body paragraphs, you should select 3-4 terms from the chapter on deviance that you will be able to identify from the film as examples in your
analysis. You should include a definition of the term prior to giving examples of that term. Also, make a reference to how your examples (from the film) are
reflections of that term. Each paragraph should be dedicated to evaluating a specific term.
A conclusion paragraph should wrap up your ideas and reinforce your thesis. Points to remember: Incorporate at least 3 concepts pertaining to deviance.
Clearly identify and explain at least one major theoretical perspective when analyzing the film. Show clear comprehension of one or more of the key
Respond to their ideas regarding their film, especially if you have seen the film.
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