Simple Branching Flowchart.


For this Task, you will be creating a flowchart of a simple task that should incorporate the concept of branching. To select a topic for your flowchart, start thinking about the kinds of small tasks you have already done today. Consider your morning routine and pick something simple that you are very familiar with, such as brushing your teeth, making a sandwich, or putting on your shoes. Be sure not to choose an action that is too complicated because you may be surprised by the number of steps involved in even a comparatively simple flowchart. Once you have made your selection, proceed to Lucidchart to create your flowchart. After you have completed your flowchart work, submit it as part of your initial post. Describe each of the steps you have outlined and explain how you tackled branching in your flowchart.
In response to your peers, address the following:
• Could you follow your another flowchart to recreate the process? Why or why not?
• Do you think the flowchart accurately shows the steps in the process? Are there steps that seem to be missing or areas that are not as clear as they could be?
• Are there any ways someone could misinterpret the steps shown in the flowchart?

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