Self Actualization

This week you will complete a 2-3-page expository paper investigating a famous person from the list provided, and examining their journey toward becoming fully functioning and self-actualized. You will use a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources from the library in addition to the textbook and provided biography.

  • Give a brief overview of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
  • Define self-actualization using your own words and supporting it with a reliable supporting it with at least one reliable source, either from the library or from the textbook.
  • Select one of the following individuals (below), read the related biographical article and provide a brief introduction to the background of your selected individual, appropriately using quotes and paraphrasing when needed to support the facts.
  • Examine the selected individual and apply at least 3 characteristics of a self-actualized person to their life, giving examples and supporting the applied characteristics with a reliable source.

14th Dalai Lama

Pettinger, T. (2018, February 1). Dalai Lama biography. Biography Online.

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Billy Graham

Balmer, R. (2020). Billy Graham. In Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica.

Clara Barton

Pettinger, T. (2019, November 3). Clara Barton. Biography Online.

Nelson Mandela

Pettinger, T. (2018, February 13). Biography Nelson Mandela. Biography Online.


Pettinger, T. (2020, February 9). Confucius biography. Biography Online.

Bob Geldof

Pettinger, T. (2011, February 10). Bob Geldof biography. Biography Online.

Helen Keller

Pettinger, T. (2017, March 3). Helen Keller biography. Biography Online.

Sojourner Truth

Michals, D. (2015). Sojourner Truth. National Women’s History Museum.