Select a culture that is different from your own and research the culture’s views of medical care


As the medical assistant begins an encounter with a patient, awareness of cultural differences and other problems that may inhibit communication is important. Any number of situations may arise that the medical assistant must be prepared to address.

Different cultures may have distinctive views on medicine and medical procedures. Patients from different cultures may react differently to procedures in the medical office. The medical assistant will overcome major obstacles if he or she knows that the patient does not speak English as a first language, or if the patient is from a culture in which the female patient does not disrobe for a male physician.

In this assignment you will do the following:

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  • Select a culture that is different from your own and research the culture’s views of medical care.
  • Write a four-page (minimum) paper, comparing and contrasting your culture’s views on medical care to the culture’s views you selected.
  • Cite a minimum of two sources substantiating the views. All sources must be cited on a bibliography page.

Organize the paper as follows:

Section 1 –Give an overview about how heredity, culture, and environment can all influence patient behavior in the medical office. Then focus on culture and state which culture you selected to research and why. List the culture’s overall view of healthcare.

Section 2 –Compare and contrast the views of your chosen culture regarding healthcare to your own culture’s views. You should have a minimum of four different viewpoints/topics you compare and contrast.

Section 3 –Express your opinion about why a medical assistant should adapt to a patient’s individualized needs based on your research of a different culture’s views of health care. Identify how, as a medical assistant, you could adjust your interpersonal communication techniques to demonstrate sensitivity to other’s cultural beliefs.


Complete a 4-page (minimum) typed paper. Address the assigned topic and content. Paper must have a bibliography page to cite reference sources (the bibliography page is not counted toward the 4 pages). Resources must be listed using APA guidelines.

Grammar, spelling and the overall professional appearance of the paper will be evaluated in addition to the content. Paper format:


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