School Counselor

School Counselor

Look into Appleby, Millspaugh, and Hammersley (2011) and Appleby (2015), as well as your own research. A 2-page paper that introduces your chosen to be a school Counselor, explaining

what it is and why it interests you. With your research, provide a description of the knowledge, skills, schooling, and characteristics one would need to be effective in this position. Sum up some of the tasks you might be expected to perform. Talk about what additional schooling, if any, is needed for this profession.

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Following, consider what steps you would need to take to continue to grow in your chosen profession. Van der Heijden (2002) used three predictor variables to study how employees might achieve professional skill. Using van der Heijden’s definition of professional expertise, describe what would make you an “expert” in your field. Explain how the three predictor variables relate to opportunities for you to continue your professional development (social networks that could be helpful to you). These ideas should be your own. Take the ideas that’s talk about in the article and explain how you might carry out them.