Roughly 4 pages double-spaced (that’s only 2 pages!) with 1-inch margins, 12-poi

Roughly 4 pages double-spaced (that’s only 2 pages!) with 1-inch margins, 12-point
Times New Roman font plus a bibliography of all works cited. (Your bibliography is in addition to, not
part of, the 4 pages of essay text). You don’t need a title page, but you should include a heading in the upper left or right of the first page that includes your
name, the date, and Anthropology 101G.
Assignment Description:
Papers will analyze a media representation of a course theme or concept. You may choose, for example, a
newspaper or magazine article, a film, an episode of a television show, an advertisement, a newsletter
from an organization, etc. This paper will analyze how one course theme or concept relates to one
specific media resource. Do not discuss the media in general, or anthropology in general. For example,
you might use anthropological understandings of race or gender as a cultural construction to critically
analyze a magazine or online article that deals with gender differences.
In your critical analysis, you might consider things like: How does this media resource illustrate the
course concept you’ve chosen? Is the media representation consistent with or contrary to the
anthropological perspectives on this concept? How could anthropology help clarify or make more
accurate the media representation of the topic you’ve chosen? You don’t necessarily have to address
these questions – they are just ideas to get you started.
It is very important that your paper has a clear thesis statement and that the bulk of the paper consists of
supporting evidence that argues this statement.
Be sure to make a specific argument about the relationship between your chosen media source and course
topic, rather than pose a discussion about the relationship between the two.

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