Residency: Dissertation

Residency 851 Assessment

Required Questions

1. List the 10 Strategic Points:

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2. What are the four sections of the Literature Review:





3. From where does the problem statement originate?

4. What are the five elements of the purpose statement?






5. What is the heart of the dissertation?

6. What is a theoretical framework?

7. What is the difference between a topic of interest and a gap and need in the literature?

8. What is your Problem Statement?

9. If your problem statement is qualitative, how could you pose it in a quantitative manner; or, if your problem statement is quantitative, how could you pose it qualitatively?





Residency 851 Assessment

(2-3 questions as assigned)

1. Given the following hypothetical gap and need in the literature, provide one sample qualitative and one sample quantitative problem statement. There is a need in the literature to address the effectiveness of residency on the doctoral process.

2. Name at least two sampling approaches.

3. Name at least three GCU approved qualitative designs.

4. Name at least three GCU approved quantitative designs.

5. What does AQR represent?

6. Define Grounded Theory design.

7. What is a quasi-experimental design?

8. Define Narrative Inquiry design.

9. What is a correlative design?

10. Define Case Study design.

11. What is a causal comparative design?

12. Define phenomenological design.

13. What is a qualitative descriptive study?

14. What is alignment?

15. What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative methods?

16. What is the 10 Strategic Points and what is its purpose?

17. What is the relationship between the 10 SP, the prospectus and the proposal?

18. Name two sections of the 10 SP that are the same in the prospectus.

19. What comes first the 10 SP or a review of the literature? Why?

20. How does a doctoral learner turn a topic of passion into a research topic?