Provide a definition of perception

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PHI105 – Critical Thinking

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Provide a definition of perception

Show how all five senses impact perception

Explain the role of perception in critical thinking

The purpose of this slide is to let the audience know what three main issues will be covered in this PowerPoint presentation. The picture is a cute representation of perception.


What is Perception?

Perception is the process by which we attach meaning to the world around us (Brignall, 2001)


A definition of perception is given here. The definition comes from the following source: Brignall, M (2001) The Perception Process. Retrieved on November 10, 2011 from


During this slide I will also discuss the process of perception which consists of (1) selection, (2) organization and (3) interpretation. I will also lead into the next slide by pointing out that we select stimuli through our senses which can be viewed in the illustration.




Our Five Senses: Sight & Touch

Sight (visual stimuli)

Touch (sense of feel)


The next few slides will go over our five senses and how they help us perceive the world around us. I will also connect these senses with the first step of the perception process which is selection.

Our sense of sight is used very often. It is perhaps the most dominant sense for most people (Zamora, 2004). For example, while driving a car it is always important to know whether or not a traffic light is red or green.


Example of touch would be if you place your hand over a hot stove you would be able to feel the heat coming from it. Hopefully, this sensory stimuli will warn you not to touch the hot stove! 








Our Five Senses: Smell & Taste

While smell does not seem to be a strong sense in comparison to sight, touch and sound/hearing, it is actually very powerful because the smell of something can trigger memories (Van Ziil, 2008) and can sometimes warn us of approaching danger (like something burning).


Taste is also seen as a lessor sense, yet I doubt anyone would like to live without it. Think of all the great foods you enjoy eating. Without a sense of taste you would not be able to enjoy those foods.




Van Ziil, P. (2008) The Power of the Sense of Smell. Retrieved from Ezine Articles on November 10, 2011 from


Hearing (sense of sound)

Our Five Senses: Smell & Taste

Our final sense is hearing/sound. Next to sight, this is perhaps the second most commonly used sense to gather stimuli from the world around us. Music, birds chirping, police sirens, listening to others are all examples of sound.


Perception and Critical Thinking

How does perception affect critical thinking?





The three steps of perception as mentioned in slide #3 are (1) selection, (2) organization and (3) interpretation (Brignall, 2001).


We have discussed how our five senses influence the selection process. We select stimuli through our five senses. The critical thinking process then begins to affect perception in the next two stages. We organize the stimuli that we receive based on previous experiences and then we interpret the relevance, importance and urgency of that stimuli to our lives. Thus we “perceive” the importance of each stimuli that we receive by selecting it, organizing it based on previous experiences and then making an interpretation. This whole process can affect our critical thinking if we incorrectly interpret the stimuli



Brignall, M (2001) The Perception Process.

Retrieved on November 10, 2011 from


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