Preparing for the Informational Interview

Aninformational interview is a recommended tool for exploring careeroptions. This assignment is designed to prepare you for an informationalinterview of a professional in the field of psychology. You willconduct this informational interview during Module 2. Here in Module 1you will create a script design a list of questions and identify theperson you hope to interview. You also need to schedule the interview.
In M3 Assignment 2 LASA 1 you will submit a written account of the informational interview you conducted with the psychology professional.
You will ask the interviewee to describe theeducational and training steps (the career paths) he or she took toreach the current position. You will also ask the interviewee todescribe in some detail the job responsibilities associated with theposition. The interview must be at least thirty minutes long. Ideallyit should be conducted in person. If that is not feasible a phoneinterview is adequate.
For this assignment do the following:
Submission Details:
Maximum Points


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