prepare and submit a term paper on Renewable Water and the Current Situation. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Renewable Water and the Current Situation. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length.

Although it may seem convenient to approach the water resource shortage from purely a regional perspective, the fact of the matter is that water shortages, as well as the overall purity of these water resources, is an issue that globally affects 780 million people (Ellis, 2011). As has briefly been discussed within the introduction and regional information overview, two factors that continue to have a profound and noticeable effect on water shortage issues are the growth of the world’s population in tandem with the changes to precipitation global climate change has affected. Because many previously populated regions of the world have experienced a great degree of desertification, the extent to which the natural environment can continue to provide the ever-increasing demands of the native population comes into question (Kishore, 2013).&nbsp. Environmentalists and researchers agree that unless fundamental changes are made regarding the way the world’s water resources are utilized, within the next few decades, access to water will become a far more significant issue than it is currently.

Besides the rapid growth in the human population, the rise in industrialization and how the developing world is rapidly seeking to integrate with the global economy by supplying consumer goods to the developed world can be seen as one of the primary issues that trigger some of the worldwide water shortages that are exhibited within the current time (Hull, 2009).&nbsp. Ultimately, industrialization is a polluting process and one that utilizes high levels of steam or waterpower as both a means to cool the process and machinery of production and as a type of fuel to drive it.&nbsp. Moreover, in lower regions of the developing world, non-technologically advanced farming methods see millions of gallons of irrigation water squandered while entire parts go without basic potable water needs.&nbsp. Similarly, the actual size of most water supplies around the world has shrunk as a result of climate change, and the ones that are remaining have often been tainted by pollution. so much so that entire populations that had previously had ready access to potable and sustainable levels of drinking water find themselves in a water shortage and water crisis within the current time.

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