prepare and submit a paper on men and masculinity.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on men and masculinity.

The first step to understanding the concept of masculinity in men is to define its cause and effects. &nbsp.First, it is essential to note that a person needs to know what causes one to fully understand masculinity. &nbsp.First, a man’s body is biologically built to be more muscular than the body of a woman, which gives reason to create the concept of masculinity. &nbsp.Consequently, men are physically stronger than women, who automatically make it an instant distinction for men. &nbsp.Furthermore, this physical distinction gives way to labeling men as masculine.

The idea of men being masculine alone does not bring any problem in masculinity but the result of this idea, leading to stereotyping. &nbsp.The stereotyping of men as masculine in physical appearance and behavioral conduct, later on, became an expectation of the society. &nbsp.It was promoted through media such as television, newspapers, and magazines by giving men an image as muscular, emotionally, and mentally challenging, hard drinkers, and other characteristics associated with strength and power. &nbsp.As a result, the public accepted this representation as to the standard for masculinity and thus became ideal for men.

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Given this scenario, are not only women affected but also men themselves who suffer from this condition. For instance, in the same way, women struggle to achieve a slim body, men also aim to obtain the media’s e ideal boa. &nbsp.The media’s physical features are bodies of models that are difficult to acquire for someone who is not a model by profession. &nbsp.Most men struggle to achieve it, which leads to drug use in the form of steroids, eating disorder, muscle dysmorphia and body dysmorphic disorder, and depression. &nbsp.

&nbsp.The issue of behavioral standards for men to be called masculine is another problem and may result in social withdrawal and depression. &nbsp.This dilemma is also a product of both the media and the culture as men are expected to exhibit “manly” characteristics and actions. &nbsp.These problems and other effects of the concept of masculinity positively affect society and the different aspects of the nation as.


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