prepare and submit a paper on characteristics of shakespeare plays.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on characteristics of shakespeare plays. At the same time, in the case of historical works, although historical events and political issues play a major part, Shakespeare has incorporated romance and marriages as a major plot movement tool and also in a subtle manner. Love and marriage are a natural process and even an institution, which is respected in societies across the world. The union of man and woman, which is necessary for the formation of family, is facilitated by love and marriage. The processes involved in romance and marriage may differ from one society to another but the notion behind them is the same throughout the world, and that notion is union of couples and conception of a family. Thus, the bottom line is, the human needs of love and affection are satisfied through marriage. In many of the plays, Shakespeare has given a happy and positive ending to the love affairs of the characters, thereby making the play a comedy and giving the readers a nice feeling at the end of the play. However, in other plays, to highlight the intensity of the love of these passionate lovers, many plots end in the tragic death of the lovers. Then in the historical works, as mentioned above, as part of plot movement, Shakespeare has used romance and marriage.



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