prepare and submit a paper on applying your sociology imagination.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on applying your sociology imagination. More specifically, this paper also seeks to understand the existence of interconnectedness amongst various elements in this society, if any, and most specially, their contribution into achieving a stable social equilibrium. Discussion My group can be termed as traditional, cultural or even religious as its components are diverse and distributed along these three attributes. Originating from long ago and has since been a cultural inheritance that continues along the generations, the groups relate together by a common belief in and respect towards our Lady of Guadalupe. The Patron Saint, Our Lady of Guadalupe’s image appeared on one our village’s rocks years ago and has since been kept in church and commemorated yearly, on the 12th of December. Similar celebrations also happen in the other neighboring villages, organized into groups. Other groups exist across the United States, Illinois, California, Texas and Florida. My community established these groups, by geographical locations, after a failure to celebrate this event in the year 2005, owing to a majority of villagers moving into the United States and other cities. Empty streets, when there is no fiesta, showing how a large population moved out of La Estancia Celebrations continue to 13th of December, which we call ‘farewell of the feast’. This day’s activities greatly symbolize the religious component of my group as we celebrate a final mass in honor of La Virgen de Guadalupe. We thank our Patron Saint and remind her of our hopes of the future. Great symbolism during the last day of this event in my village is altars erected almost in every corner of the streets with the image of La Virgen de Guadalupe. Horse and bull riding, bands singing the Rodeo and fairs held for families later in the night are other symbols of our rich culture. An altar with a sculpture of La Virgen de Guadalupe erected at the corner of a street. The Functionalist Perspective This sociological perspective argues that the society is a system of social equilibrium composed of parts interconnected in an interactive in a harmonious manner. This perspective highlights interconnectedness by focusing on how different parts influence each other. It does focus also on the nature of the impact a social element has on the society, in terms of the element’s contribution to the society’s social stability. Application In the case of my group under discussion, the functionalist perspective is appropriately applicable, as is evident from the roles the fiesta as an event plays/fulfills in this society. This event has driven different families as parts of the Utah group, to work together towards maintenance of our own cultural, religious and traditional beliefs, eventually culminating into the common goal of social stability. There are functional benefits that my community reaps from this party, which has served to keep the villagers from wholly migrating to cities, but rather maintain that frequent contact between the village and the city. I prove this point more by the fact that we held no fiesta in the year 2006 after a large population of villagers travelled to the city, hence inability to raise enough finances for the feast.


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