prepare and submit a paper on analysis of philosophers against the family by christina hoff sommers.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on analysis of philosophers against the family by christina hoff sommers. Christina Hoff Sommers, in “Philosophers Against the Family” discusses that there is a false dichotomy as there is the great divide which distinguishes the radical feminist from the simply feminine and the mutual exclusivity of the two concepts which completely overlooks the reality that both can co-exist. Sommers (2005) offers that there is a middle ground, though this has not been widely recognized by both views, especially radical feminism in the United States. Liberal feminism gives focus on reforms which touches base on the very root of feminism. The oppression and the discrimination that necessarily entails sexism as commonly seen in the workplace and in society is the very nature that belittles women and that affects them on a regular basis. This is the fight of feminism on a daily basis that is in the heart of the average woman and her understanding of what feminism is. This, however, is far removed from the philosophical feminist’s view. “But to be anti-sexist in the technical, radical philosophical sense is not merely to be opposed to discrimination against women. it is to be for what Wasserstrom calls the assimilationist ideal” (Sommers, 2005, p.313). The truly antisexist in this sense would neither fight nor agree for laws that give preference to women such as maternity leave. Equality is achieved by overlooking and consequently extinguishing gender and all notions that come with it. The wider perspective that transcends the philosophical feminist movement is best understood by first appreciating the average woman. “The average woman enjoys her femininity” (Sommers, 2005, p.314). She has goals which include being with a man, having children and maintaining a career with the same opportunities that her male counterpart has.&nbsp.



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