. port investment strategies

I need some assistance with these assignment. port investment strategies Thank you in advance for the help! A port system is an assortment of the components that link the sea to the land, which collectively work to handle the cargo that reaches via the seaside by water vessels at anchorage. There is also a consideration for the intermodal links from the offloading sites to the terminals of the goods. Such infrastructure as roads, rail, airports, and other modes of transport are, therefore, part of the port systems. The hinterland has intermodal linkages as the connectors between the ports and the destinations for the goods. As such, there are varied development strategies depending on the most suitable in terms of business. There are those whose plans focus on the cargo handling components, others focus on the intermodal links, yet some focus on all the sectors. The essay presents the review literature on the modes of investment of two ports compared. The paper also gives the reasons for investment strategies employed as well as a recommendation for better adjustments.


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