Personal Growth Paper

Personal Growth Paper Instructions:


Discuss your personal growth of your attitudes toward alcohol and drug use during the course of the semester. The paper should be between 3-4 pages, double-spaced with appropriate spelling, grammar and organization. It may include references if you feel a particular article or chapter impacted your views. Personal growth papers should clearly illustrate your understanding of addiction, your views of addiction, and reactions when you hear the words “alcoholic” or “addict.” What comes to your mind immediately when you hear these words? What do you envision that person to look like? What stereotypes did or do you still have or how have they changed?

This paper might challenge your stereotypes of persons with addictions. Demonstrate critical thinking regarding your feelings and how they may have changed by taking this class. Include your ideas of how you developed your views on addiction and your views of people who are addicted to substances and/or alcohol. Personal Assessment papers must be turned in to the instructor via Drop box.