Overview A Code of Ethics is applied to each healthcare profession. The principl

A Code of Ethics is applied to each healthcare profession. The principle of the code is to exhibit the morals, values, and ethics that should be used in patient care. Think of the Code of Ethics as rules and regulations set forth by an institution or governing body. In every situation, care must be taken in how healthcare professionals respond.
There is a department meeting coming up soon, and you have been asked to create a flyer for your current profession that will be distributed during a breakout session at the meeting.
For this assignment, you will research information for the Code of Ethics based on your current profession and create an informational flyer that highlights the most important details. Refrain from listing each code. Rather, choose at least 3 main highlights. Give at least 2 details for each code you choose, but also include an example of each one and how it would apply to today’s healthcare.
The flyer should be creative, imaginative, colorful, and appealing to your reader.
Use bullet points when highlighting the details.
Professional pictures and images are allowed.
All sources must be cited using APA format.
Additional Resources

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