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My mother was hospitalized for pneumonia. After ten days of hospitalization and complications of the pneumonia my mom came home on a prescription inhaler and home oxygen because her saturation while ambulating would not go above 80{0e601fc7fe3603dc36f9ca2f49ef4cd268b5950ef1bbcf1f795cc00e94cdd119} on room air. Also, an incentive spirometer was sent home with written instructions. The incentive spirometer was the most challenging for her to understand. She is 75 years old and has a high school diploma, but she is ready to learn because of her willingness to get better. I will be using nontraditional methods to teach my mother.

The learning objective is to understand the parts of the incentive spirometer and what the mean. There are printed materials to follow along. The formative assessment is an oral type of quiz I asked my mom to point to the parts of the incentive spirometer and tell me what they are and what do they mean. My mom then pointed and named the different parts of the spirometer and explained what it does. We did that several times, so I knew she had mastered the formative assessment.

The next learning objective is watching a video online demonstrating the use of the incentive spirometer. The summative assessment is how she demonstrated the proper use of the incentive spirometer after watching a video demonstration. The demonstration included proper position and holding the incentive spirometer correctly, sealing your lips around the mouth piece, and breathing in slowly to the correct goal number on the cylinder. My mom then held the incentive spirometer and demonstrated the proper use of the spirometer. The next time she had to use it, I was there and asked her to demonstrate again verbalizing the steps in order.

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After my mom was finished, I then talked to her about the results of her demonstration. I told her that she knows and understands the proper use of her incentive spirometer by reading the printed materials, naming the parts of the spirometer and their functions. She did a successful demonstration in the correct order. Based on my evaluation my mom has successfully accomplished this demonstration.

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