Name three areas (3 specific examples) in which you think clinical guidelines might be useful and explain why


Assignment 1: Name
three areas (3 specific examples) in which you think clinical guidelines might
be useful and explain why. Please be sure to site any resources including
course material if used (e.g. Week 8, lecture 3, slide 6)

 Almost any disease or process that includes
decisions or conditional pathways. Typical
answers might include patients with diabetes, patients with asthma, or for
teaching new mothers about breast-feeding.
There are almost unlimited answers to this question. Of importance is the student’s response of
why guidelines might be useful. Reasons
might include complexity of flow and decision making, for consistency, for completeness, or for ease in documenting
a procedure. There are other reasons
that would be acceptable.

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Reference: comp9_unit7-2_lecture_slides,
Objective Reference #2

Assignment 2: Why do
you think guidelines have not been generally accepted? How and when do you
predict the resistance to turn around?

 Many think
guidelines are constraining – limit free thinking. Some refer to guidelines as “cook-book”
medicine. Others believe that guidelines
are wrong or don’t fit their patient.
For others, it is not the way they normally treat their patients. Others
don’t take the time. There might be
other creative answers.

Reference: comp9_unit7-2_lecture_slides,
Objective Reference #2, 7

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