n feasibility of cessna t303 cockpit upgrade.

Write a 7 pages paper on feasibility of cessna t303 cockpit upgrade.

Despite its almost superb cockpit design, Cessna T303 users have experienced a number of handling problems that have resulted in the increasing need for cockpit overhaul and upgrade using modern Garmin Traffic Advisory System to TCAS II standard on the current cockpit configuration of Cessna T303 aircraft.One of the common design issues affecting Cessna T303 aircraft is unreliable engine instruments and cockpit controls that make the plane to be particularly more vulnerable to potential mid-air collision incidences than most of its modern counterparts.

Within the last decade, the number of aircraft fitted with traffic alert and collision avoidance system known as TCAS II have significantly increased. TCAS II is an important security tool that is often designed to help prevent mid-air collisions of aircraft.&nbsp.Traffic collision avoidance systems are important components of aircraft that are primarily designed to minimize the potential incidences of mid-air collisions between aircraft. This is particularly achieved by installing equipment that enables the pilot to effectively monitor the airspace around the craft for other aircraft equipped with similar corresponding transponders without the involvement of the air traffic control.

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In this regard, the system may then warn the pilot of the presence of other TCAS equipped aircraft in order to avoid the likelihood of mid-air collision (Coombes, 2000, p.85).The mechanism of operation of traffic&nbsp.alert and collision avoidance&nbsp.system is normally based on the use of secondary surveillance radar transponder signals that often independent of ground-based air traffic controls. Many modern aircraft are increasingly equipped with glass cockpits where the TCAS systems may be effectively integrated and fitted into the Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI) or the Navigation Display (ND) of the aircraft.

However, the older aircrafts such as Cessna T303 models which have mechanical instrumentations, an integrated TCAS such as modern Garmin GTS 8000 Traffic Advisory System can only be fitted by replacing certain mechanical components such as the mechanical Vertical Speed Indicators that were originally meant to show the rate at which the plane is ascending or descending.


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