Mental Health and Mental Illness Issues in Arizona

Mental Health and Mental Illness Issues in Arizona

The Community Action Plan: Written Report and Slide Presentation: Mental Illness in Arizona

Community action plan designed to alleviate or correct a public-health issue in your community

Your community action plan will be a professional portfolio that includes a written report and a slide presentation

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  1. The written report should include:
  • The final case study, with four sections (Symptoms, Diagnosis, Cure, and Prevention). Each section should be about a page in length. The entire paper must be 5 pages in length not counting the title or reference pages, which you must include. You must back up your sections using at least two scholarly articles
  • The key community members or partners that you plan on contacting, with an explanation why these individuals or organizations make sense as potential partners.
  • A special emphasis on the demographics of the affected population
  • A realistic timeline for your plan. Discuss the time needed for campaigning, education, funding, building, and implementation.
  1. The slide presentation describes the problem in your community (Mental Illness in Arizona) and your action plan.
  • Presentation must be 10 slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides.
  • Use PowerPoint.
  • The audience for this presentation will be community members or organizations you wish to educate about the public-health issue and your proposed plan. The purpose of this slide presentation is to educate the audience about the issue. Keep in mind that in real life you will have limited time to convince people of the gravity of the situation and to come on board with their support, so you want to be persuasive and get to the key points quickly and effectively.