Medicine or Menace? by Christopher Munsey

has multiple parts.1) Paragraph2) Thesis statement3) OutlineDo not use the Professional Websites or Occupational Outlook Handbook. Articles in those sites are difficult to find and write about.Read the article carefully. Save the article if you can. Remember to save all the information you will need to documentation purposes.Write a SHORT Paragraph + thesis and outline1) ParagraphPost a paragraph that tells us what topic you have chosen. My best advice is to find an article now about your topic and to give us the title of the article you found. Keep the paragraph short. Do not write about yourself.) ThesisPost a preliminary thesis for your essay. Be sure to label the thesis.A thesis is one sentence that gives the readers the topic + the point you are making about the topic.3) OutlinePost an outline Use the fill-in-the-blank outline below.The outline must be written in 3rd person. That means you may not use the following pronouns in the outline or in the draft itself:I me my myself we our us ourselves you your yourself = NO!!!!!He she it his her its they their them = YES!!!Do not talk about yourself in the outline. Do not use any personal experiencesFill-in-the-Blank Outline:Thesis: ______________________1) 1st Idea You Want to Discuss: _______________A) _______________________B) _______________________2) 2nd Idea You Want to Discuss: _______________A) _______________________B) _______________________3) 3rd Idea You Want to Discuss: _______________A) _______________________B) _______________________Numbers 1 2 and 3 will become the topic sentences of your body paragraphs.1) Body paragraphs are the main paragraphs of a work. They explain and/or prove the thesis. The introduction and the conclusion are not body paragraphs and are not part of this outline.2) A topic sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph. It tells the readers what the paragraph is about and how it relates to the thesis. Without a good topic sentence your paragraph may be disorganized or your readers may not understand how the paragraph relates to the thesis.3) Your outline should have three strong sentences that relate to the thesis.Use this articleMedicine or Menace? by Christopher Munsey

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