Measuring Employee Performance.

Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Measuring Employee Performance. MEASURING EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE Response to Buckner Hello friend, I have to commend the approach your organization took towards the preparation of the job description that will be used for the external hiring. This is because by making it participatory in nature, it helps to bring together different expertise, ideas and innovation. On the main metric goals set however, I have some issues with it, based on which I want to offer additional insight. Looking through the metric goals, I find that they are all internally based. That is, most of the goals go to achieve internal duties within the organization. Meanwhile as a public health facility, I opine that some of the goals, particularly on communication could have been made to include the provision of communicative roles to external stakeholders such as customers. As Aguinis (2013) noted, any true performance outcome should have the ability of reflecting the overall organizational culture, which I believe includes customer satisfaction.


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