Marijuana should be Illegal

Marijuana should be Illegal

Legalization of marijuana remains a continuous issue in the society.  The debate as to whether or not the substance should be legalized has been marked by controversies. The contentions emanate from the differences held by various sections of the society on the use and the benefits of the substance. While the proponents for the legalization of marijuana mainly cite its medicinal values and recreational benefits, those who promote illegalization of the drug cite different health and social problems that stem from its use. According to the group, marijuana brings more health complications and socioeconomic problems similar to other hard drugs (Thomas David & Rashid 363). Although some claim that marijuana should be legalized it should be illegal because it has negative health effects it is a gateway drug, it is not a legitimate form of medicine, it is addictive, & people are more likely to have accidents in states where it is legal.

A stance taken by Thomas, David & Rashid reveals that marijuana use continues to increase in a country such as Canada despite the health problems associated with the substance. The drug is a highly addictive chemical that has a higher chance of being abused than other substances such as tobacco and alcohol. It dominates the lives of the abusers and presents various challenges to them. “Marijuana abuse is more common than other drugs of the same category (Thomas David & Rashid 362)”. This quote the authors have said is saying that more drugs are more common than other drugs,  For instance, drug use is mainly common among the young adult males than females. The authors deduced their conclusions from a study in Canada that compared addiction to Marijuana and other drugs. The results indicated young males were at higher risk of abusing the substance than female. The youths who participated in the study had poor academic performance than other students who did not use the substance.  “Marijuana promotes underage consumption of drugs and involvement in illegal activities” (Thomas David & Rashid 367). This quote shows that more underage promotion happens not only for adults, this proves my point as more children are getting affected not just adult.

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