Locating An Empirical Research Article

Review Chapters 5 and 9 in the textbook.



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Read “The Potential Contribution of Mentor Programs to Relational Permanency for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care” by Avery, from Child Welfare (2011).




Read “Case Management and Social Role Theory as Partners in Service Delivery” by Blakely, T. J. & Dziadosz, G.M. from Care Management Journals (2008).




1. John is a 35-year-old male who has a history of excessive alcohol use and depression. He recently divorced from his wife of 10 years, who has primary custody of their two children. Currently, he has visitation every other weekend but was referred to you because there have been concerns regarding his recent behavior. He has been late to his meetings with the children on numerous occasions and is suspected of drinking alcohol again.

Using the task-centered model of clinical social work, what might you consider as potential task interventions when working with John? Why?




2. A growing trend in the field of social work is online therapy or e-therapy. Using the NASW website (www.socialworkers.org), familiarize yourself with this movement. Discuss the pros and cons to both the social worker and the client when using this format. What are the potential concerns?