Investment Impact” and “Pre-Existing Planning

Assignment Instructions

​The “Investment Impact” and “Pre-Existing Planning” sections  provide you an opportunity to exercise your vision and creative writing skills; the “Pre-Existing Planning” section need not be based on real conditions, but should address the elements indicated on the Course Project EOC Grant Outline and relate to a grant request for funding related to an appropriate Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for Lawton, Oklahoma.

​The sections of the grant that you will work on for the finishing touches of your Course Project Final Submission are as follows:

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I. Investment Impact

Describe how the project efficiently enhances EOC capabilities in a response.

Page Limit:  Not to exceed a ½ page response


Describe how the project will enhance emergency management capabilities for the State, local, or tribal applicant

Describe how the project will accomplish this in a cost-effective manner

II. Pre-Existing Planning

Describe any pre-existing planning efforts that have been conducted for this investment.

Response Type Narrative

Page Limit: Not to exceed ½ page response


Description of any pre-existing planning that has taken place relative to the deficiencies noted in the facility assessment, including:

Architectural plans developed

Permits in Place

Description of any pre-existing planning that has taken place relative to the proposed project

Description of hazard-resistance design guidance utilized as part of the pre-existing planning, such as but not limited to:

FEMA 426/452 for identifying and mitigating man-made and terrorist threats

FEMA 361 and FEMA 543 for identifying and mitigating flood and wind hazards

FEMA 310 (ASCE 31) and FEMA 356 for identifying and mitigating seismic hazards

Description of any current activities that have taken place relative to rectifying the identified deficiencies or needs identified in the assessment


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