Introduction to the Health Issue

Select Topic from Healthy People 2020

Section 1 – Introduction to the Health Issue:
This Assignment should begin with a section that introduces the Healthy People 2020 health issue/problem and objective. In about 400-500 words,

Summarize the Healthy People 2020 health issue/problem you selected
Summarize the Healthy People 2020 objective you selected for your health issue/problem. Please make sure to discuss how your objective is related to the health issue/problem.
Evaluate the objective’s interconnections to the broader public health system.
Describe the input, processes, output, and results related to the objective.
Examine the objective’s relationships to the essential public health services, public health core functions, and unique features of public health.

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Section 2 – Annotated Bibliography:
This section expands upon the introduction section by reviewing current and relevant literature published by authoritative sources. In about 300-400 words, you will:

Characterize the current approaches to controlling a public health issue.
Review peer-reviewed literature published within the last 5 years.
Identify 2-3 relevant journal articles from public health journals.
Compose an annotated bibliography, which summarizes and critiques each source.

Section 3 – Problem Statement:
After detailing the background to the health issue and summarizing current public health approaches, the problem statement willconclude the Assignment. In about 50-100 words,

Develop a carefully designed problem statement that addresses the who, what, where, when, why, and how components tothe problem (i.e., the “5W1H approach”).
Clarify the magnitude and extent of the problem, population at risk, and pertinent trends.

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