Introduction To Psychology

Question 1 of 20

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Which of the following statements regarding the utility and usefulness of Freudian theory is the most accurate?

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A. It has been entirely dismissed from legitimate science because of its obvious bias against women.

B. The research into Freud’s theories has unequivocally supported his work, so although many find his theories distasteful and downright insulting, there is no evidence that his theories were wrong!

C. Even in more tolerant times like those in which we find ourselves, Freud’s blending of the concepts of sex and children is intolerable, and thus his theories are no longer considered valuable.

D. Freud’s theories endure because experts continue to see merit in many of their foundational concepts.


Question 2 of 20

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The __________ is the part of the psyche that tries to identify the basic drive that the id wants to fulfill and to come up with a realistic plan for satisfying that drive.

A. id

B. ego

C. superego

D. defense mechanism


Question 3 of 20

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According to Carl Jung, all people share access to a shared pool of stored memories and images that are common to all human beings. This storehouse is called the __________ unconscious.

A. unified

B. psychosocial

C. social

D. collective


Question 4 of 20

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It is estimated that genetic factors account for about ___% of individual differences for most personality traits, including the Big Five.

A. 50

B. 75

C. 90

D. 0








Question 5 of 20

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__________ psychology is the study of how the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of individuals influence and are influenced by interactions with other people.

A. Interpersonal

B. Social

C. Positive

D. Personality


Question 6 of 20

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Larika’s friends tried to get her to go out on Friday night, but she simply refused. “I have so much studying to do, and the house is a mess, and I really want to get my laundry done so I don’t have to worry about it this weekend,” she protested. Her friends, disappointed that Larika’s __________ was preventing her from going out and having fun, had to hit the town without her!

A. superego

B. ego

C. id

D. fixation


Question 7 of 20

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A personality __________ is a long, scientifically rigorous instrument that asks about many different behaviors and assesses several traits at once.

A. inventory

B. test

C. questionnaire

D. assessor


Question 8 of 20

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A __________ attribution is based on a person’s surroundings or environment.

A. environmental

B. dispositional

C. contextual

D. situational


Question 9 of 20

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Social __________ is behavioral control.

A. manipulation

B. affect

C. influence

D. effect






Question 10 of 20

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Which of the following was a psychodynamic theorist?

A. Carl Rogers

B. Raymond Cattell

C. Walter Mischel

D. Alfred Adler


Question 11 of 20

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Edward is a member of an inner city gang, and he notices that when he and the other gang members get together they often talk ‘big and bad’ about what they want to do to the members of the rival gang. The more they talk, the more extreme their plans get, until one guy stands up and hollers “Let’s just go shoot them all.” This phenomenon that occurs when people of a group share opinions, leading to more extreme positions and more radical behavior, is known as __________

A. group polarization

B. group think

C. group contagion

D. group persuasion


Question 12 of 20

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Which of the following set of personality traits did psychologist Hans Eysenck believe existed?

A. Agreeableness vs disagreeableness and openness to experience vs rigidity

B. Emotional stability vs instability and introversion vs extroversion

C. Shyness vs sociability and conscientiousness vs unreliability

D. Consciousness vs unconsciousness and neuroticism vs agreeableness


Question 13 of 20

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A __________ is a person’s relatively stable disposition to behave in a certain way.

A. style

B. personality

C. temperament

D. trait


Question 14 of 20

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__________ social influence is influence that draws on a person’s desire for others’ approval and his or her longing to be part of a group.

A. External

B. Normative

C. Peer-induced

D. Suggestible





Question 15 of 20

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Zorana goes into a large electronics store where they sell everything. Maybe you’ve been to this store. It really is the Best place to Buy electronics. She is interested in a laptop computer that she saw advertised for $400, but the salesman immediately says “We’re sold out of that one, but let me show you this other great model.” Amazingly the new model is $750. Zorana, who is a psychology major, immediately recognizes this as an example of the __________ technique.

A. bait-and-switch

B. foot-in-the-door

C. door-in-the-face

D. lowball


Question 16 of 20

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Sigmund Freud is the original theorist whose work influenced the __________ perspective of personality development.

A. trait

B. psychodevelopmental

C. sociocognitive

D. psychodynamic


Question 17 of 20

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Which of the following researcher’s work was the most influential in shaping our understanding of conformity?

A. Hans Eysenck

B. Solomon Asch

C. Martin Seligman

D. Muzafer Sherif


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According to Carl Rogers and the humanistic theory of personality, which of the following is the crucial ingredient to helping people become their “real” selves?

A. unconditional positive regard

B. sympathy

C. genuineness

D. empathy












Question 19 of 20

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“Professor Wilson,” asks Jeremy, who is a freshman in class, “I had a really tough week and wanted to know if I can turn in our term paper a week late. I just haven’t had time to write it!” Given that this request comes on the Friday the paper is due, Professor Wilson declines the request. “Then would it be okay if I get it to you on Monday, or even email it to you tomorrow?” To this changed request, Professor Williams agrees. Professor Williams is obviously not a psychology teacher, otherwise he would know he was just a victim of the __________ technique.

A. bait-and-switch

B. foot-in-the-door

C. door-in-the-face

D. lowball


Question 20 of 20

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The __________ effect refers to a person’s unconscious mimicry of other people’s expressions, behaviors, and voice tones.

A. chameleon

B. imitative

C. contagion

D. social influence