Interview Questions template

Please see the attached documents and complete them.  Please reference the information in the documents to complete 1 & 2. 

1. The Interview Guide Worksheet: Please complete the sections with yellow highlights. Please reference information in section 1 and parts in section 2 to finish section 2 and section 3. 

2. Please reference Dissertation template and create a subsection for semi-structured interviews.

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– Use the information you entered in the box above to help complete the contents for this sub-section guided by the dissertation rubric criteria. Remember to articulate how the instrument may generate data to address the phenomenon of interest.

– Describe the content and structure of the interview guide. How were questions developed? What are the topics of discussion? What is the number and sequence of questions?

– Create your interview guide document for the related Appendix in the dissertation template and complete the section.  

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