instructions In no less than 750 words, please respond to the question below. Yo

In no less than 750 words, please respond to the question below. You must cite specific information from this course or from your observations of teachers in practice. At least 4 citations are required. Be sure to answer each component of the question. There is no time limit on the test.
Imagine it’s five years into your teaching career, and you’re teaching your “favorite” grade level. You’re known as one of the best teachers in the building, and a model colleague. About a month into the year, a new teacher on your grade-level team comes to your room in tears. They say, “I’m trying so hard to reach these kids, but nothing is working! I know how important it is to engage them in active learning, but whenever I do anything other than sit them in rows and talk to them, chaos erupts! I end up shouting at them just to keep control, we waste tons of time, and everyone is more stressed out than before. Principal Skinner says I should stop trying so hard to be “fun” and just focus on the curriculum and getting them ready for the test. I want to do right by these kids. What should I do???”
After you hand them some tissues, chocolate and Advil from your “emergency stash,” what four pieces of advice can you give this teacher? Address the following issues in your response:
1) The impact of learner-centered approaches on student learning
2) The importance of rules and procedures, and how to impart these
3) How to address Principal Skinner’s perceived conflict between “fun” and “learning”
4) Developing an overall plan to turn this class around
You may write your response in the 1st or 2nd person- either as if you are describing what you would do or as if you were addressing your colleague directly. Your response should be an essay of 5 or 6 paragraphs, including an introductory and concluding paragraph. You must cite at least 4 separate items from course materials or discussions, or from your observations in schools this year, in your response.
Books used
Smith, R., & Dearborn, G. (2016). Conscious classroom management: Unlocking the secrets of great teaching (2nd ed.). Conscious Teaching.
Eggen, P., & Kauchak, D. (2020). Using Education Psychology in Teaching. Merrill Prentice Hall

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