Innovation Informal Report     

COM 210: Writing at Work Project #1: Innovation Informal Report                       1
The Innovation Project
For your first major project in this course, you will write an informal report addressing how an
innovation from within the last 2-3 years could be applied to your unit or department at work.
Your report must:
Be in the form of an informal report, including heading and formatting elements
Be 600-1200 words long, not including the addendum
Reference at least 3 reliable sources
Cite sources using either APA style or “neat” links where a web address is embedded in text
using descriptive hyperlinks (here is an
example of a “neat link”)
Address the audience (in this case, your direct supervisor) as an educated and involved reader
who is not necessarily an expert on the topic
Use standard English and avoid jargon and technical language
The final submitted draft of this assignment is worth
20% of your final grade.
Detailed Instructions
The title of the report must be in the form: “A Recent Innovation in [the particular field]: [the specific
Example: a report on software that is a radical improvement to Blackboard entitled: “A Recent
Innovation in Online Education: New Software, ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Blackboard’”
Content Requirements:
In addition to fulfilling the above requirements, your informal report must include the following:
Context in the form of a brief description of your department in the organization where you
work and the field in which the innovation has occurred
The organization can be your invention or a real workplace, but it must have some connection to
the field mentioned in your title.
Clear explanations of what the breakthrough is and how it works.
Keep in mind that a “breakthrough” is not necessarily good or beneficial. Cloning or atomic
weapons were undoubtedly innovations in their fields, but they are not universally regarded as
positive developments.
Summaries of 2-4 differing opinions of this innovation
These can be pro and con or can emphasize different kinds of benefits or risks.
At least one suggestion for how the innovation might be implemented in your department or
For example, a report on “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Blackboard” might suggest that it be tested first
in 2 or 3 courses taught by technically proficient instructors and to junior or senior level students,
and that a questionnaire/survey be developed for each participant to assess the software
An addendum with resources for further investigation, including the research sources you have
referred to in the body of the document.

Innovation Informal Report     

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