How Safe Is Your Hospital?

Writing Assignment:
Instructions: Read and respond to the following three readings:
1. Consumer Reports (2012); How Safe Is Your Hospital?
2. Institute of Medicine report entitled To Err is Human; Executive Summary
3. Hammerling’s A Review of Medical Errors in Laboratory Diagnostics and Where We Are Today.
Your essay should address the laboratorians’ obligation to eliminate errors.
(2012). How Safe Is Your Hospital?
Institute of Medicine (2000). To Err is Human – Building a Safer Health System.pdf
Hammerling, J. A. (2012).
Adhere to the guidelines found in the syllabus if references other than the required readings or lectures are used, they must be cited according to APA format.
Free from plagiarism. Be sure to use proper sentence structure and correct grammar and spelling in your posts.
Postings must be own words; it is not permissible to “cut and paste”
Answers neither from websites nor to copy materials
400 words limit


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