History of population’s immigration (if applicable) and status in the U.S.

Thisassignment is due on saturday April 13 at 9 am EST. It is important to follow the requirement stated in the attached file. The assignment should contain 5 ppt slides minimum , plus a reference slides which must be in APA format. In text citation must be use and each slides must also contain a minimum of 100 words documents in APA format. The two bullets points must be clearly address , and must importantly each slides must contain at least 4 bullets points which will then be expanded in the speaker notes . It is important to respect this format as you construct this PPT . You must also respect this requirement and the bbullet points in the slides must not be more than 4 points and the speaker notes must be less than 100 words all in APA format.

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This assignment is due on Saturday April 13, 2013 at 9 am EST .
Compose a 5 ppt slides responding to the questions below base on the American Indian/Alaskan Native. The slides should also contain a reference slides in APA format and also each slides should contain a minimum of 100 words speaker notes .In the slides you should list a minimum of 4 bullets points and then expand them in the speaker notes using in text citation and proper APA format .
•History of population’s immigration (if applicable) and status in the U.S. (American Indian/Alaskan Native.)
•Current demographics of the population in the U.S. ( American Indian/Alaskan Native.)


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