Financial Capacity and Sustainability in Human Services

Discussion 3: Financial Capacity and Sustainability in Human Services
Receiving funding from a grant or other source of funds is a great accomplishment. Once the funding is received, the human services organization must be able to manage the funds effectively. The organization must also develop a plan to sustain the program after the funding period ends or the potential for change from the funded program may be limited. One way to determine an organization’s capacity for fundraising and/or financial management is to assess its strengths and weaknesses in these areas and consider ways to improve. This type of assessment should be undertaken before the organization begins to actively seek funds.
For this Discussion, you will evaluate an aspect of financial management or fundraising efforts in a human services organization with which you are familiar. Refer to the inventory tool on page 319 of Understanding Your Social Agency, 3rd ed., for ideas on how to evaluate an organization’s fundraising efforts.
· Post your brief description of an organization with which you are familiar (e.g., a field placement, a previous employer) and evaluate one area of the organization’s financial management or fundraising that needs improving, and explain why.
· Explain three strategies the organization could implement to improve its financial management or fundraising situation.
· Explain how each strategy supports improvement.
References (use 3 or more)

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