Family Genogram

completing a genogram. A genogram is like a road map to your family history. This assignment will be a two-step process.

First you will complete research on family genograms. is a helpful website that you can use for assistance with this assignment. (Hint – this is a great resource!) Write a one-page summary (in your own words) on your research and explain. Any information you use from any source needs to be cited! Please discuss:

· The history of genograms

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· How genograms are used

· How genograms are completed

· What are the benefits of using a genogram

For the second part of this assignment you will “map out” your immediate family. You may need to contact extended family members for help. If that’s not possible, no problem, do the best you can with the information you have. You’ll start with you and your significant other as well as your children. Then, if possible, please go back two generations. Remember, a genogram is  more  than a family tree. You need to identify relationships and their status (strong, weak, abusive, etc.), behavioral patterns (teen pregnancy, divorce, substance abuse, etc.), health issues and/or any other issues that you know of or become aware of during your research.

You may complete this assignment as a Word doc using whatever shapes, symbols, colors, etc. you want or you can draw your genogram by hand, scan it, and upload it as an attachment. PLEASE keep in mind that this is not an art class – I’m not looking for a masterpiece. The purpose of this assignment is for you to see what patterns emerge within your family. The project should also include relationship lines and a significant events timeline . After you’ve completed your genogram please write a two-page summary, in a Word doc, that includes the answers to the following questions (as well as anything else you’d like to share):

1. What did you learn about your family history? (Please share as much as you are comfortable with. This assignment is very personal and your instructor is the only person who will read it.)

2. What was the experience of collecting information like for you?

3. Are there any patterns that emerged that surprised you? (For example communication, addiction, teen pregnancy, mental healthy issues, etc.) Why or why not?

4. How could a genogram help a couple strengthen their relationship?

5. How could parents use a genogram to educate their children?

6. Conclude your paper by summarizing what you learned from this assignment and how you can apply it to your family.

Your summary should be written in APA format with factual information to support your thoughts and ideas. The rubric (below) is what I’ll use to grade your project:

Rubric Possible points Points earned
Student submitted a genogram that’s clearly labeled and contains a key. 10  
Student submitted research to include history, uses, how to, and benefits of genograms. 20  
Student summary includes:

What the student learned about the family history

Surprising patterns

How a genogram could help a couple strengthen their relationship

How a genogram could help parents educate children

Student incorporated information from the textbook and

Conclusion summarizes what student learned from this assignment and how it can be applied to his/her own family 10  
No spelling or grammar issues

APA format

Meets length requirement