Explain the meaning of dualism and dual societies.

1. Explain the essential distinctions among the stages-of-growth theory of development, the structural-change models of Lewis and Chenery, and the theory of international dependence in both its neo-Marxist and false-paradigm conceptualizations. Which model do you think provides the best explanation of the situation in most developing nations? Explain your answer.
2. Explain the meaning of dualism and dual societies. Do you think that the concept of dualism adequately portrays the development picture in most developing countries? Explain your answer.
3. Some people claim that international dualism and domestic dualism are merely different manifestations of the same phenomenon. What do you think they mean by this, and is it a valid conceptualization? Explain your answer.
4. What is meant by the term neoclassical counterrevolution? What are its principal arguments, and how valid do you think they are? Explain your answer.
5. Given the diversity of developing countries, do you think that there could ever be a single, unified theory of development? Explain your answer.
6. Is the neoclassical, free-market theory necessarily incompatible with dependence theory? How might these two approaches work together?

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