Explain any key components of disaster preparation and planning you used for this project

Homework:  Emergency Evacuation Plan

Topic:  Natural Earthquake

Project & Presentation Guidelines

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  1. PAPER

5 or more pages typed in APA/MLA format

Research your topic.  Describe this particular disaster.


Explain potential health emergencies that could be associated with your topic and risks that could impact public health and safety.

Explain any key components of disaster preparation and planning you used for this project.

Includes a list of community resources you could use in your preparation.

Describe communication strategies and procedures you would use in this particular disaster as well as any barriers you may encounter with communication.

Create/describe your idea of a personal evacuation plan relating to this particular topic.

Include a list of supplies you would pack in a “Go-Bag” and why you included them.  Where this bag would be kept?

List any important things to consider before you leave or tasks to complete.

Treat your chosen topic as real. Make sure you provide a proper introduction and conclusion.

Be creative and also provide all references.


Rate your chosen topic on likeliness of really occurring in the future. (Scale: 1-10; 10 being 100{0e601fc7fe3603dc36f9ca2f49ef4cd268b5950ef1bbcf1f795cc00e94cdd119} likely to occur).

In your opinion, why is having an emergency plan established so important?


Present a 10-15 minute informative presentation on aa topic chosen by your instructor (Natural Earthquake). The presentation should be based on the research you did for your written paper.  Be realistic but make it interesting.  Provide practical information and advice for our audience to take with them.  Use PowerPoint Slides and bring visual aids it possible, etc.


Be creative.  Have fun. Learn and think critically.