Examine the application of your selected pain management technique in relation to the same situation within a different culture

Examine the application of your selected pain management technique in relation to the same situation within a different culture. Explain the role of the perception of pain and the impact of culture on perception of pain, identifying and usage trends of applied behavioral science unique to different groups.
All cultures are different, we all look to healing within our own beliefs. Many different cultures believe in more natural ways of healing. A study done on, American Indians and Alaska natives showed,”specific activities mentioned including drumming, traditional crafts such as beating and pottery, Gathering and using traditional herbs, prayer and working with a medicine person or traditional Indian medicine practitioner.”( Haozous; Doorenbos; Ardith; Stoner,2016. Pg. 238, par.1). With Indians believing in natural herbs for healing, and the love of outdoors, I believe Mindfulness- based stress Reduction would be a pain management technique they use as well.

Haozousus Emily A.; Doorenbos, Ardith Z.; Stoner, Susan;( 2016)Pain Management Experiences and the Acceptability of Cognitive Behavioral Strategies among American Indians and Alaska Natives Journal of Transcultural Nursing , Vol 27(3), May, 2016 pp. 233-240. Publisher: Sage Publications; [Journal Article] Database: PsycINFO
McCarthy, C. J., DeLisi, M., Getzfeld, A. R., McCarthy, C. J., Moss-King, D. A., Mossler, R., Privitera, G. J., Spence, C., Walker, J. D., Weinberg, R. S., & Youssef-Morgan, C. M. (2016). Introduction to applied behavioral science[Electronic version]. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/

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· Identify the type of pain your client is experiencing for which applications of applied behavioral science are appropriate (e.g., arthritis, bone or joint pain, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, cancer pain, post-surgery, etc.).

My client is a 20 year old white female who suffered from multiple myeloma. She was hospitalized on and off for the last 5 years and initially not expected to survive. She did survive, however, but had to use a wheelchair and crutches during those 5 years. She was treated successfully in the hospital with medications and recently underwent a couple surgeries at the Mayo clinic in Chicago, where she had a bone graft from her hip to her thigh. She is now in full recovery with no lingering illness but she is struggling to regain her physical, as well as mental strength.

· Describe any psychological factors and emotional states of your client which appear to impact her or his mental and physical health (e.g., depression, anxiety, general level of satisfaction with life).

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