Evidence-based Practice Project Implementation Plan

Evidence-based Practice Project Implementation Plan

Utilize content from your completed work in Units 2 and 4. Be sure and review faculty feedback from these submissions before starting this assignment:

  1. the literature review
  2. learning needs assessment
  3. gap analysis
  4. smart goals and objectives

Project goals and objectives should be differentiated. Each objective should begin with ONE action verb, and specifies the activity needed to achieve the desired goal. Goals are outcomes. Goals can be intangible and non-measurable, but objectives are defined in terms of tangible targets. Refer back to the Units 2 and 4 Assignments: Learning Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis. Use the hyperlinked form attached for completion of the Unit 6 Assignment.

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Assignment Details

Complete an implementation plan for your evidence-based project. The implementation plan template is a modification of the Implementation Plan Template document designed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ, 2018). All sections of the tool should be complete and should reflect what information has been learned from the previous assignments. Refer to the definitions of terms that precede the Implementation Plan Template.

The template should be preceded by an introduction to the implementation plan. Included in this introduction are explanations and or definitions of the elements contained in the implementation plan. Include a summary of the project’s goals, an overview of an interprofessional team, definitions of facilitators and barriers to implementation, project improvement, importance of using a stepwise progression of an implementation plan, value of good communication, importance of resources and effective ways to measure performance. You do not need to go into detail here, one or two sentences addressing the contents of the implementation plan is all that is necessary.

Include an introduction to your implementation plan and a summary- what the implementation plan has determined what your needs are moving forward with your EBP project. The MS Word document should be embedded into your paper between the introduction and the summary.