Evaluating Techniques to Ensure Atomicity and Concurrency Control

Hindu Myth
January 14, 2020
Education Human Resource Department
January 14, 2020

Week 3 Discussion

Evaluating Techniques to Ensure Atomicity and Concurrency Control

Your resources for this week introduce the synchronization concepts used to manage atomicity and concurrency, and demonstrate the importance of ensuring actions are atomic and data integrity is maintained during concurrent user access.
For this Discussion, you will more deeply investigate a synchronization technique for ensuring atomicity or managing concurrency, and analyze the efficacy of that technique.
To prepare:
    Research techniques for ensuring atomicity or techniques for managing concurrency control. Select one technique that is not detailed in the textbook for your Discussion post.
By Day 3, post a 3- to 4-paragraph evaluation of the technique you selected. Include the following in your post:
    A brief summary of the technique.
    A description of the concurrency issue that is resolved by the technique, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the technique.
    An explanation of whether the technique is best suited for an all-or-nothing atomicity design strategy or a before-or-after atomicity design strategy.


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