Evaluate Social Work Licensure

May 5, 2021
Tackling the Pandemic and Long-Term Impacts
May 5, 2021

Assume you were asked to create a visual aid to assist new social workers in understanding how state licensure requirements and federal legislation are related and complement each other in your state of practice. Create a diagram to illustrate licensure and regulation requirements and how they intersect. You may create your own design or use a template available from Word, PowerPoint, or another software program. This diagram should contain the following:

Briefly explain the state office that oversees social work licensure.
Examine the different types of social work licensure in your state.
Illustrate the requirements for each type of license.
Outline how the requirements for licensure have evolved by assessing the legislation related to licensure in your state. Start when licensure was first passed in your state, and continue with how it has changed/evolved with each piece of follow up legislation.

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