essay–psychological intervention

Tips for the essay:First read widely about the topic so that you can get a good feel for the area. Think about an appropriate structure for this essay and introduce this structure at the beginning. Think about where you want to end up – which is evidence to support your final conclusion.  A key feature of these questions is to draw on the evidence base. After you have introduced the nature of the problem for which treatment is needed, review the evidence for or against them. Consider areas in which research appears to be lacking or groups for which the treatment has been shown to be helpful – and those for whom it has not been examined or not found helpful. Make sure your conclusion can be backed by the researchMarking criteria1. Clear introduction stating the background to the problem, the question, and how it will be addressed in the essay. 10%2. Use of wide range of relevant research and reviews of research, and integration and synthesis of research findings (rather than describing each study in detail unless that approach is specifically warranted) 25%3. Critical evaluation (strengths and weaknesses) of the available research relevant to the essay 30%4. Conclusion that is justifiable on the basis of research findings 10%5. Strong and coherent structure for the essay 10%6. English expression and grammar, presentation, proof-reading and use of APA style 15%


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