environmental studies: sustainable packaging

I need some assistance with these assignment. environmental studies: sustainable packaging Thank you in advance for the help! With the knowledge of the available technology there are various ways through which the people who intend to use them try to make others aware of this technology that is in existence. With this regard there is a theory that tries to explain on how and the rate at which ideas and new technology spreads from one culture or civilization to another. This is the theory of diffusion of innovations. In this light there are three insights when it comes to the change that is seen in a social structure. These include the need of understanding the requirements of the different users that are in existence in that social structure, the importance of peers and some of the qualities of an innovation which make it successfully spread among the population. In order to get a deeper understanding of the issue it is in order to examine some of these elements individually. So what really makes an innovation spread? This question can be answered in terms of the qualities that will be a determining factor when it comes to the success of the innovation. The first quality in this case is to do with the innovation’s relative advantage.



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