Enneagram Assignment


Enneagram Assignment 1


  1. 3 URLs:

Read the information on the handout called About the Enneagram.  Then search the Internet for sites about the Enneagram.  Write the URLs of 3 of the most clear and informative sites you’ve found:

    1. ____________________________________________________________


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    1. ____________________________________________________________


    1. ____________________________________________________________


  1. Fill out all nine pages!

Look at the handouts called The Enneagram: Personality Inventories.  You should have nine pages with twenty questions on each page.  Please see me if you are missing a page.


When you take these nine personality inventories, you’ll notice that you will agree with many of the statements on all of the inventories.  This is normal.  We all have aspects of each of the nine types – called Enneatypes.


One of them, however, will begin to stand out.  You’ll realize you’re agreeing with many of the statements and think, “I’m like this.”


After taking all nine inventories, which Enneatype is most like you?   #________


3.  Type Your Personality Inventory

Since we are working on Microsoft Word skills, your first assignment is to type the Personality Inventory of the Enneatype you chose.  So if you are a #7 Enneatype, you will type the Personality Inventory for #7 exactly as it is on the handout.


  1. Research

Now that you’ve decided on your Enneatype, go back to the Internet and learn more about your Enneatype.  Summarize what you find out below.


Remember, to summarize is to put into your own words.  Copying an author’s words exactly is called plagiarism and violates copyright laws.



5.  Type at least two paragraphs on your research.  (Use your notes above.)


Type your findings in complete sentences.  Use spell check and grammar check.