Electronic Health Records

Week 7 assignment Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records


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A) PLEASE View the videos titled, “Value of Electronic Records” and “Technology and the Future of Medicine”.

1) Technology and the Future of Medicine (02:40) (2006). Films Media Group. Films on Demand. PLEASE WATCH VIDEO

2) Value of Electronic Records (02:44) (2006). Films Media Group. Films on Demand. PLEASE WATCH VIDEO

B) Discuss the pros and cons of the speakers’ statements in your chosen videos.

C) Support your rationale for favoring or questioning the speakers’ statements with references for Electronic Health Records


D) Complete the following assignments,

Integrating E-Health Applications

Leaders in medical informatics have identified opportunities for improving patient safety and clinical outcomes, as well as challenges associated with transitioning from familiar processes to new technologies.

• Select two segments from the videos on issues associated with electronic health records.

• Consider your team’s discussion regarding the pros and cons of the speakers’ statements; support your views with readings, research, and personal experience.

• Write a 500-word executive summary that includes the following:

o Recapitulate your views.

o Articulate your rationale for agreeing or disagreeing with the speakers.

o Describe how to apply the speakers’ ideas in your current organization.

• Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines AND INCLUDE REFERENCE IN THE BODY OF THE TEXT AND SEPARATE REFERENCE PAGE.

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