Do you agree or disagree on the following discussion post below?

Do you agree or disagree on the following discussion post below?
Please explain. Thank you in advance!
Smoking became a very popular following on the heels of each of
the World Wars.  Servicemen were provided cigarettes to
pass the time during lulls in combat and they brought the habit
back with them. Smoking was further glamorized in the movies with
James Dean and other idealized actors with a cigarette hanging from
their lips. Now days, Americans are much more educated on the
affects of smoking and secondhand smoke. According to the CDC
(2016), “cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000
deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000
deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure.”  As
time goes forward, smoking is becoming less attractive and more
restrictive in public places (including the workplace) along with
more American adults not smoking. “Current cigarette smoking among
U.S. adults declined from 20.9{0e601fc7fe3603dc36f9ca2f49ef4cd268b5950ef1bbcf1f795cc00e94cdd119} in 2005 to 15.1{0e601fc7fe3603dc36f9ca2f49ef4cd268b5950ef1bbcf1f795cc00e94cdd119} in 2015” (CDC,
   According to Workplace Fairness (n.d., para
6), “Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia do prohibit
discrimination based on legal activities outside the workplace,
which includes smoking tobacco”, so it depends on individual state
laws which determine how restrictive an employer can be in hiring
people that do not smoke to firing employees who do smoke. So a
wrongful termination suit could actually be within the employer’s
legal right to do. There appears to be more benefits to hiring
non-smokers verses hiring smokers, from an employer’s point of
   An employer should have the right to not hire
smokers simply because it is a good business decision and a
personal principle they believe in. Also, an employer can prevent
associated higher health care costs when smokers get sick or
hospitalized and they can create and sustain a positive and
productive work environment. Smokers are addicted to nicotine and
have to have it constantly to satisfy the craving.  Even
if an employer hired employees who smoked on their own time away
from the workplace, the employee would go immediately into nicotine
withdraw if not allowed to smoke during the workday. According to
Quit Smoking Community (n.d.), “the earliest symptoms of nicotine
withdrawal are usually cravings for a cigarette, followed by
anxiety, anger, irritation, and a decrease in mental
function.”  If you smoke, then you would have to aware of
the company’s policies and choose to quit or not work for the
   If an employer wants to only hire non-smokers and
even goes so far as to give employees the treatment they need by
implementing a policy that provides a gracious package to help
employees quit smoking, the employee should take advantage of the
assistance to prolong their life

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