Discussion on reflective practioner.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses reflective practioner. What this means is that I would have the experience as well as the training (including on-going ones) in order to be effective in different classroom environments. For instance, if I am faced with a class constituted by different ethnic groups, I will be able to have the knowledge and teaching experience to tailor learning strategies according to each of their respective learning needs. In this respect, I would like to underscore that if I had satisfied the standards then I would also have displayed a record of engagement with the wider community, which will contribute a lot in my competency as a teacher in this kind of environment because it will widen my understanding on the socio-cultural dynamics of a diverse learning environment.

The main purpose of the NSW teaching standards is to enhance the level of professionalism of teachers and teaching. (Bascia et al. 2005, p. 585) Particularly, the accreditation of teachers according to performance standards at various stages of development as a teacher is crucial in assuring the competency of those who have been validated. This is highlighted in the standards developed in the process of validation, which aims to ensure that teachers must:

With the above factors in mind, I feel that the competency of the teacher is assured once he or she achieves a good level in each. The only problem that I could see is the attainment of consistency in these standards. So far, the only clear ground for disaccreditation is those on the grounds of ethical standards. This is underscored by the fact that the standards were developmental and not regulatory in nature.

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In Action Research, baseline data, or rather its gathering, constitute the second stage wherein researchers have to assess the current situation in relation to the research question.


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