Discussion on Customer Relationship Management System

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Microsoft projecr. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The first phase will deal with the design of the Customer Relationship Management System while the second phase will deal with the implementation of the system to the normal work flow environment. The design phase will incorporate various key features that will facilitate its efficient operation.

The product that will arise from the project will be required to conduct tracking on the various trends of customer purchasing. The product is also to provide points to purchases that have been made cumulatively. The customers who have enrolled and registered into the system should therefore be able to redeem their points and receive various benefits.

For the system to be able to produce the various deliverables, it is important that the Customer Relationship Management System be developed. It should also be complemented with a good intranet and extranet infrastructure that will allow synchronization of bonuses and loyalties from any outlet store.

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Apart from that, the software will need to work together with a Point Of Sale system which will be capturing the initial costs while the Customer Relationship Management System converts the prices to bonuses and royalty.

The System will be developed and then introduced in the main branch to test. It will involve the installation of the system to computers which have the capabilities of running the software without any incompatibility issues. At the same time, a network infrastructure will be laid so that the whole company has a de-centralized system of operation with the main servers located at the head office. Shopping cards will be introduced where the bonus and loyalty points are stored. The system will also be installed in the other outlet chains to verify the synchrony of operations to the central server and test whether a customer’s points can be identified on any other retail store affiliated to the main store.


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