Discussion on Children with Aspergers Syndrome.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Children with Aspergers Syndrome. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Asperger’s Syndrome is a genetic disorder which cannot be cured completely but it can be treated so as to improve the abilities of the child. Schools can prove to be of great importance when it comes to treating these children and this essay would particularly emphasize the school setting for these children. Teachers are the primary caregivers in school and thus they are specifically mentioned in this essay (Ehlers et al 2006.).

Autism is a congenital disorder which is caused because of neuronal impairment. It leads to a lack of social interaction and communication in individuals who suffer from it. The signs of autism can include repetitive behavior in children, lack of communication, lack of understanding and lack of self-esteem or confidence. These signs can be seen in a child when he is nearly 3 years old and it can be easily diagnosed by the parents. Autism can be further classified into Aspergers Syndrome and high functioning autism. Individuals who suffer from autism cannot survive without a caregiver in society and face difficulties when entering a relationship. All these above-mentioned factors clearly show that autism is a disorder which needs to be cured to have a better society. For this purpose, several cures have been proposed which involve early intervention programs for the children. The question now arises as to if Asperger’s syndrome can be cured somehow through school intervention or not. This question would be addressed in this essay. (Wray et al 2005 & Dorothea 2009).


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