discussion 250 words are quot goals quot and quot objectives quot the same thing from a strategic planning perspective explain

Module 4 – Goals versus ObjectivesDiscussion Topic

5 Points
[Learning Objectives Assessed: 1b, 1d, 2b, 5a]
Are “goals” and “objectives” the same thing from a strategic planning perspective? Explain.
In your post be sure to define goals and objectives (and cite your source) before answering the question.

Your post should be 175-250 words.
Review the Discussion Grading Rubric
You will not be able to see any posts by other students until you make your original post.
Support your post by citing one reference (other than the text).
Cite paraphrased information but do not use quotes for this assignment.
Submit your original post by Thursday before 12am midnight (EST).
Respond to at least two (2) other students’ original post by Sunday before 12am midnight (EST).
In addition to your replies on other students’ posts, you should also respond to any student who posts to your original post and to any of my questions.

Required Textbooks:
1. Harris, J.M. (2012). Healthcare strategic planning (4th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health
Administration Press. ISBN:9781567938999

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